Letter Comics Like A Pro!

Professionally design comics with Comic Life. Lora Innes, creator of The Dreamer Comic, letters her pages using Comic Life. Take a look at this video tutorial and see just how you can take your drawings from art to comic!

This tutorial was created with Comic Life 2. You can use the same tools shown here in Comic Life 3!

27 Ways To Make This The Best Year Ever!

The incomparable Jennifer LaGarde put together a list to make this the best year ever. She designed a great poster from her list in Comic Life. She did a phenomenal job making use of all the different design options available in Comic Life. Check out those drop shadows and the custom style she created for the speech balloons. You can design a comic page like this too!

27 Ways: Best Year Ever

Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards by Event

Megan Bowe posted the following amazing Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards over at – and we just had to share them with you all! Please visit for downloadable copies of the Athletics Resource Cards that cover the following sports; Discus, High-Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Long-Jump, Shot-Putt, and Sprinting.…

The Butterfly Lion

I’m not sure about you, but if I learn something in the context of a story I am much more likely to remember the details. Educators have accessed the incredible story telling power of Comic Life to engage students in…

World Cup 2014: Brazil!

Here at plasq we are all pretty excited about the FIFA World Cup. It’s crazy. The talk about code and user requests and site updates is paralleled with conversations about the games, what happened with that foul in the opening…