Scripting Comics In The Classroom

We’ve been having deep thoughts about script writing and education in our offices lately, and I wanted to reach out to our community with them.

Comic Life 3 received a major overhaul on several fronts, including the work flow process, which is what I want to discuss today. Here at plasq we do not pretend to be educators, but we have spent years listening and adapting our apps based on the suggestions and needs of the educators with which we have spoken. Team Superfly.comiclife SCRIPT EDITOR

plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 for Windows

plasq® today introduced Comic Life 3 for Windows, the latest major release of its award winning photo comic creation software, which adds powerful new capabilities without compromising usability. Comic Life 3 introduces a new collection of parametric image filters, an Instant Alpha tool, and a script editor with new SmartScriptâ„¢ technology to Windows machines. Comic Life 3 also adds two-up page view and Find and Replace.