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Happy Everything From plasq!

Hello, Everyone!

plasq Holiday CardThe holidays are here and people are celebrating all over the place. So we wanted to give you a little gift for being such incredi-mazing supporters! You can download the template to our greeting card and create your own card. All of the styles are there! All you need to do is edit the text and add your own picture. If you want that cool halftone fill to come through be sure to use the Instant Alpha feature to knockout the background of you image.
Download the template and get started! If you don’t have Comic Life 3 you can try it free for 30 Days! Download for Mac and PC from


And if you want a more traditional look for your holiday card you can use this one. Be sure to download from here!

New York Times Comic Life Review!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this little publication that’s been around a while, The New York Times. They just put out an article about making your own comics, and guess who is at the top of the heap? That’s right, Comic Life! Yeah, baby!

Here are some excerpts from Kit Eaton’s article, Transforming Your Photos Into Comic Strips:

“Of the comic book apps I’ve used, Comic Life, $5 for an iOS version, has the most features and works best on an iPad because of the bigger screen.”

“Because the app relies on your photos to create stories, you don’t need any drawing skills to get a good result.”

“I love the way the app allows you to edit tiny details, from the shape and style of word bubbles to the size and placement of each story cell.”